For some great Surrey dog friendly pubs, walks, hotels, cottages and more click on the links below:

We all know how frustrating it is when you are on a great family walk with your dog and find that perfect pub, only to find that you can't take the dog in. Well we have found some great web sites for you with loads of information so that you can plan your walk in advance. Bored of the usual places to walk? Click on the links below to find new, exciting and safe places to walk your dog. Need to find a pet friendly hotel or holiday let, you will find it in the links below. We all know that it is a major event when you decide to have a new addition to the family. Before you make that final decision take a look at the couple of links below.


for those dog friendly pubs


Check out Cornish Seaview

Cottages, they have a number

of lovely holiday lets that

accept pets.


If you are thinking of getting

a dog please consider a rescue

dog. This link is the kennel Club

breed rescue web site.


Battersea have so many pets

needing a home, go and visit

them, you might just find your 

perfect pet.