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Terms & Conditions of The Surrey Ark 

The Surrey Ark Terms and Conditions


The Surrey Ark Terms and Conditions


1. The Surrey Ark agrees to provide a high level of service to the client.


2. The Surrey Ark accepts no liability for any dog that may cause harm to a person or another dog or damage to property, or for any injury the dog may sustain in the care of The Surrey Ark whether as a result of any accident the dog may be involved in, or otherwise.


3. The Surrey Ark are covered by third party liability insurance but it is highly recommended that the client takes out their own third party pet insurance.


4. House sitting. It is a condition precedent to liability that the Property owner has arranged with their household insurer to extend their policy to cover losses incurred whilst there is a house sitter present.


5. The Surrey Ark will not accept aggressive dogs. The client agrees to cover all costs arising from any claim in the event their dog should attack a person or other animal.


6. Dogs will only be walked if wearing a collar with an identity tag and have a lead. The client agrees that dogs will be walked on the lead and only walked off-­‐ lead after signed consent is provided by the client on the booking form. The Surrey Ark will not walk more than two dogs per carer unless by prior agreement.


7. The Surrey Ark will not be responsible for any keys posted through a letterbox or left at a location requested by the client.


8. In extreme circumstances The Surrey Ark reserves the right to terminate a service.


9. Emergencies: In the event of an emergency the client authorises The Surrey Ark to take their dog/cat to a vet. The Surrey Ark will endeavour to notify the client of any emergency that may require veterinary intervention. If The Surrey Ark is unable to contact the client, the client authorises The Surrey Ark to take the dog/cat to the vet and the client will meet any resulting veterinary bills.


10.  A 50% deposit is required on total charge of house sits in advance. Then if cancelled within 30 days before the job, there will be no refund of the deposit. If cancelled within one week before, then full payment will be charged. More than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation of walks/visits are required or fees will still be payable. This is not required during the pandemic as cancellations are so unpredictable on both sides.


11. The Surrey Ark will accept payment by Bank transfer or Cheque, payments in Cash by agreement.


12. The Surrey Ark will not take in pets who are unwell without prior agreement and depending on the circumstances.  We may have to cancel dog sits if the dog becomes unwell prior to the start of the job

13. If we are unable to cover a job due to one of us falling ill, we reserve the right to cancel a job at the last minute. The client will not be charged for these cancellations. 


14. Please provide an alternative local contact with a spare key in case of emergencies, especially for holiday cover.


The Surrey Ark Terms and Conditions Additional Disclaimer May 2020:

The Surrey Ark will endeavour to practice safe hygiene procedures to the best of their ability while walking your dog/feeding your cat in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Government and the Pet Industry Federation, approved by DEFRA:

The Surrey Ark is not insured and accepts no liability for the contraction or spread of the Coronavirus/COVID-19.

We may use some anti-viral spray on your dog’s coat if we feel it is required and cannot be responsible for any (highly unlikely) adverse reactions.

For cat visits we will not be petting your cat unless requested to do so and then will use hand sanitiser before and afterwards for all of our safety. It is helpful if you have some in the house as well please.

I hereby accept that I am employing The Surrey Ark at my own risk and will do all I can to protect the health of myself and my dog walker/cat feeder by also practising safe hygiene procedures at handover as agreed below in  “ The Surrey Ark Terms and Conditions (COVID-19/Coronavirus) Owner Responsibilities”:


The Surrey Ark Terms and Conditions (COVID-19/Coronavirus) Owner Responsibilities:

  1. Please leave on your dog’s collar/harness so that we can simply clip the lead to your dog’s collar/harness.

  2. Please maintain at least 2 metres distance between yourself and our Dog Walker at all times and practice hygiene safety at handover.

  3. Please avoid any contact between your dog and anyone in the household suffering from Coronavirus/COVID-19 symptoms.

  4. Please advise us immediately, in the event of anyone in your household with Corona/COVID-19 symptoms or is self -isolating, if you have had notification that you have been or if you know that you have come into contact with anyone who has, or if anyone in your household has received a positive test result for the virus.

These Terms & Conditions are current from June 2023 and override any previous versions.

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