Terms and Conditions


1.   The Surrey Ark agrees to provide a high level of service to the client and     will endeavour to treat the pets with the same level of care and                 concern that they would their own pets.


2.   The Surrey Ark accepts no liability for any pet in our care that may            cause harm to a person or another animal or damage to property,

     or for any injury/death the pet may sustain in the care of The Surrey 

     Ark whether as a result of any accident the client's pet may be involved      in, or otherwise.


3.   The Surrey Ark are covered by third party liability insurance but it

     is highly recommended that the client takes out their own third party          pet insurance.


4.   The Surrey Ark will not accept aggressive dogs/cats. The client agrees to      cover all costs arising from any claim in the event their pet should

     attack a person or other animal.


5.   Dogs will only be walked if wearing a collar with an identity tag, and          have a lead. The Surrey Ark agree that dogs will be lead walked

     and only walked off- lead after signed consent is provided by the

     client on the booking form. The Surrey Ark will not walk more

     than two dogs per carer unless by prior agreement.


  6.  The Surrey Ark will not be responsible for any keys posted through a           letterbox or left at a location requested by the client.


  7.   In extreme circumstances The Surrey Ark reserves the right to                   terminate a service.


  8.   Emergencies: In the event of an emergency the client authorises

       The Surrey Ark to take their pet to a vet. The Surrey Ark will try                    to notify the client of  any emergency that may require                            veterinary  intervention. If The Surrey Ark is unable to contact

       the client, the client  authorises The Surrey Ark to take the pet to

       a vet and the client will meet any resulting bills.


  9.   The Surrey Ark will accept payment in cash, bank transfer or cheque.          All invoices must be paid within 7 days.